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How long will it last?

Permanent jewellery can last for many years, but please do remember it is still fine jewellery and not invincible. A strong pull or snag could break it, but we'll help find a good fit to avoid this. If a breakage occurs, hold on to your chain and we can re-weld it for you!

What materials are used?

We use 925 Sterling Silver and 14k Gold Filled materials.

These metals can be worn while exercising, showering, swimming, sleeping and will not fade, flake, or tarnish. We do recommend washing with soap and water and rinsing after being exposed chemicals eg. pool chemicals, sunscreen, perfume, fake tan etc.

Why choose Gold Filled?

Are you looking for the luxury look without the price tag? Gold Filled is for you!

It is hard-wearing and durable, treated with the proper care, it will last a lifetime.

Gold filled jewellery has 100 times more solid gold than gold plated and is bonded to the base metal using heating techniques rather than a chemical process.

How do I remove my jewellery?

Permanent jewellery can be removed with scissors or small pliers. Just snip the jump ring that we originally welded, hold on to your chain and we can re-weld at a time that is convenient for you.

What about airports or medical emergencies?

Our permanent jewellery is safe to go through metal detectors and scanners. If it’s required to be removed for a medical emergency or procedure they can snip with scissors and we are happy to re-weld when you are ready. 


To keep your jewellery looking as vibrant as the day you got it, follow these simple steps!

  1. In a small dish, mix warm water and liquid soap.

  2. Using a spoolie brush or a soft bristle toothbrush, give the links a good scrub.

  3. Rinse with clean water.

  4. Finish by polishing the links with a microfibre towel or jewellery polishing cloth.

Frequently Asked Questions

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